• [Lord Knight] Berserk/Frenzy - Negative Effects Reinstated

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    It seems my previous report (linked below) was COMPLETELY WRONG. I've tested the real damage while under both Berserk status and Normal status and the DEF, MDEF and FLEE are reduced as they are supposed to. So please revert the changes of the earlier report. The status on the status window of iRO was just a visual thing. My apologies and thank you. :) 

    Conclusion from tests on iRO:

    Normal Attack (Normal Status) - 17 Damage

    Normal Attack (Berserked) - 245 Damage (DEF reduced)

    Holy Light (Normal) - 87 Damage

    Holy Light (Berserked) - 315 Damage (MDEF reduced)

    I had tested the flee part as well but there's just no way to show it with a SS. But it is confirmed that it is lowered by half.

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    If anyone was excited over last week's changes. I am deeply sorry. /sry

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    I think that's the Muscle Fool from the boots. Either way, the value on stats window for DEF, MDEF and FLEE while zerking there is just visual.

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    @Inkfish The Def, Mdef and Flee is still not reduced when Berserk is used (tested the damage in-game). Did Lai forgot to patch?

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