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    Hi there.

    For some reason, my character's haircut got changed when I logged in after the last maintenance. And it kind of bugs me for multiple reasons. 

    First, why did this happen ? Second, is there any way to get my old haircut back ?

    Have a nice day :)

    P.S : I noticed one thing concerning this issue. My old haircut is the one right before the current one in the character creation screen.

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    There is a poll in FB created by Lai, and most ppl voted for removing the custom hairstyle




    1) This poll is misleading and yes Lai you did it in purpose. What do you mean THEY ARE NOT NICE ANYWAY and UGLY HAIRSTYLES? They are good and ppl love LimitRO because we can design our char with our favorite color, hairstyle and CE. The random crashed is not because of these UGLY YOU SAID hairstyle and it is because your GM team incapable to fix the bugs. You cant just remove anything will cause the crashed and pretend that you solve the problem, it is your job to maintain the server btw.

    2) I have been play LimitRO for one year and I never heard anyone crashed because of their hairstyle? Not in the report center nor in discord and fb. If the random crashed is because if the 2018 client update then it is the responsible of GM team to fix it. Not just remove it and say OK YES WE SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!!

    3) This poll is only posted in LimitRO FB group which only a few amount of players are invited into this group. Most of your player are in LimitRO Social FB group and you never give them a chance to vote.

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