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    Tiger Cannon and Endow

    • Skill Name: Tiger Canon
      Job Name: Sura
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Tiger Canon endow isnt working properly.

      Ghostring always reduce 30% of the Tiger Canon damage no matter what endow you use

      Mobs arent affected by your endow, if they take 50% more from holy, and you use aspersio you will keep doing the same damage.

      I know "tiger canon" uses a portion of neutral and the other is elemental, but the damage is just like you arent using endow, many times endow do even less damage than neutral tiger canon to mobs that are weak against a element.

      Tiger Cannon works properly vs Noxius, Raydric users, and Deviling users. If you use elemental damage you will be doing more damage to those. I suppose it works properly against Immune Shield and that kind of items that reduces Neutral Damage, but couldnt test them.














    More tests against khalitzburg, the same happened, almost equal numbers most of the time, many times less damage being endowed with aspersio..

    Thanks for all and bye.



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    you use so many screenshots just to say how it is on limitro. this is cool

    but you still failed to provide the prove of "how it's supposed to be". this doesn't make the report valid.

    luckily i know how it is supposed to be. but not everytime a report works this way.

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    Changed Status to Fixed

    formula after fix:

    (damage * elemental fix + non-elemental damage)*forced neutral fix

    if anyone has any problem with this formula. a source MUST be provided. otherwise topic will be closed without further notification.

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    Sorry but i couldnt find the true element formula, because info on ragnarok is really hard to get. But watched a lot of videos where Sura's were endowing their weapon to do more damage on some mobs (like Scarabas). Im sorry about it and thank you.

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      Pending = We are still working on this report.

      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

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