• Tiger Cannon and Endow after MT

    • Skill Name: Tiger Cannon
      Job Name: Shura
      Skill Correct Behavior:



    Before maintenance: TC dmg = element change does nothing

    After maintenance Tc dmg = full elemental change But element is only supposed to be a portion not completely


    * kades side effect *

    Another test conducted:

    tc neutral 150k

    Tc aspersio vs Holyscroll 20k

    Tc aspersio vs Holyscroll + kades also 20k (side effect of kades blocked by holy scroll)


    and  the dmg after holy scroll is fixed kinda no variation

    Was always same number



    Edited by AndyGn

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    Hi there, thank you for your report! Up till now, your provided conclusion is considered unlogical.  I also tried to draw your conclusion but failed. Therefore until further materials of how you draw this conclusion are provided, I will temporarily close this case. You may bump it until you have more to fill in! Thank you for understanding! Regards, Inkie!

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