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    Suffragium Wrong VCT Reduction

    • Skill Name: Suffragium
      Job Name: Arch Bishop
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      from the skill description and


      • Changed to party buff. Self-target. 15x15 AoE
      • 60 second duration on every skill level.
      • 0.5 seconds fixed cast time.
      • 1 second variable cast time
      • Reduced after cast delay to 1 second.
      • Added 30 seconds skill cooldown.
        • Level 1: Variable Cast time -10%
        • Level 2: Variable Cast time -15%
        • Level 3: Variable Cast time -20%

      a 20% reduction on vct should return a value of about 76% from  battlestats, not 74.60


      Cast Time Test.xlsx



    Skill suffragium is giving a lower reduction than intended using the calculations on

    Reduction with magician's glove (10% vct) with similar stats as the report above is 73.10


    With the skill suffragium at lvl 3 (20% vct) vct is 74.60%


    My calculations from the formula given show that the current vct reduction on the skill is 15.5 instead of 20

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