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    Spell Fist Damage Bug v2.0

    • Skill Name: Spell Fist
      Job Name: Sorcerer
      Skill Correct Behavior:



      • The damage is connected in one single hit. For example, if a Level 10 Bolt skill is converged with this skill at Level 5 and each bolt would inflict 500 damage, the enemy would receive 6,250 damage in one single attack. This is particularly helpful if using a card, such as Hunter Fly, that relies on higher damage output at once as opposed to several smaller hits.


      Correct Behavior -> 290*12.5= 3625 per hit


    Old: magic damage + magic damage * sf lv/2
    Now: magic damage + magic damage *(100+5*sf lv)/100
    Correct: magic damage *(100+5*sf lv)/100

    OLD: 2900+2900*5/2= 10150
    Now: 2900+2900*(100+5*5)/100 = 6525
    Correct: 2900*(100+5*5)/100 = 3625


    **2900 is fire bolt full hit damage

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