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    Spell Fist Damage Bug and with Normal Atk Modifier Portion Bug

    • Skill Name: Spell Fist
      Job Name: Sorcerer
      Skill Correct Behavior:



      • The damage is connected in one single hit. For example, if a Level 10 Bolt skill is converged with this skill at Level 5 and each bolt would inflict 500 damage, the enemy would receive 6,250 damage in one single attack. This is particularly helpful if using a card, such as Hunter Fly, that relies on higher damage output at once as opposed to several smaller hits.


      Damage (MATK)% = Base_Damage + (Bolt_Lv × 100) = 1250%

      Easy you understand >>> 6250/500=12.5

      Example: Single Bolt Damage is 266

      266*12.5= 3325 per hit


      Spell Fist Damage is convert from Fire Bolt each bolt damage to melee normal attack, all matk and matk modifier work on Bolt Skill first only multiply by 12.5. Therefore, don't have any Atk and atk modifier portion will work on Spell Fist damage, only direct damage modifier buff and effect will work on Spell Fist Damage...


    Current SF has 2 Bug, Damage and Normal Attack Modifier work on SF.

    Damage should be around range 3k+ only, but now LRO spell fist dealing 9k+ damage...

    Link for Reference





    Video For Reference

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFn6Un2Xpog (jRO SpellFist is 1500%)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Sh2mp2uLa4 (kRO)


    If I wrong info, please correct me? 

    don't blame me, I am also a victim?

    Edited by Chester

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    before my first report SF bug the skill DMG have issue, just i dun know and no care about it. I think last report GM make the skill concept is correct, the correct SF flag is  

    ad.flag = BF_WEAPON|BF_SHORT;


    i think is just the Skill formula cause the skill has Atk Modifier, dun know what formula on SF will get another extra 2.5~2.7x Damage is calc 

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    Well too bad, it was the only way for magic users to be able to compete in damage with physical classes. 

    Now it will either be get mvp cards or play ranger/genetic like everyone else. 

    Farewell, crit spell fist sorcerer. See you on the other side.

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