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    Soul Energy Research Wrong Cap

    • Skill Name: Soul Energy Research
      Job Name: Soul Reaper
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      The skill soul energy research is supposed to cap at 20 souls at max level


      2611.png Soul Energy Research

      Max level: 5
      Prerequisite skill: Soul Collect level 1
      Type: Passive
      Description: Study the special energy emitted from the soul to increase the maximum amount of soul energy that is the basis of Soul Reaper's ability to use.
      [Level 1]: up to 8 soul energy maximum.
      [Level 2]: up to 11 soul energy maximum.
      [Level 3]: up to 14 soul energy maximum.
      [Level 4]: up to 17 soul energy maximum.
      [Level 5]: up to 20 soul energy maximum.

    The skill Soul Energy Research caps at 15 souls at level 5 instead of 20

    1. activated soul collect
    2. used the skill soul reap
    3. attacked an egg at the training ground
    4. souls stopped being generated once I reached 15 souls.
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    souls stopped being generated once I reached 15 souls.

    that's a conclusion. a classical one

    an example of bad report.

    it doesn't not stop generating. it just stop displaying


    someone would say how would i know that?

    exactly! then why did you say something you didn't know!

    the only thing you know is you don't see it! not you don't have it.

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