• Severe Rainstorm with whip ignoring arrow's property

    • Skill Name: Severe Rainstorm
      Job Name: Wanderer
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Severe Rainstorm is a bow skill, but during this skill it is possible to switch to a whip (and possibly instrument if you are a Minstrel). When switching to the whip, it does take the newly equipped weapon's properties (damage, cards, possible effects...) .

      This said, for some reasons... it doesn't take in account the arrow's property but rather the Whip's property when you switch to this weapon.


    I noticed this problem when fighting Ifrit and ghost mvps. Dealing very few damage when I swap to my whip and noticed the damage increase with Small Jug's water elemental endow.

    I don't know if it was intended to swap to a whip when using SR. And I don't know if it's supposed or we should be supposed to give the arrow's property with a whip.

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    interesting report.

    i think it should take arrow ele when using whip

    but you shouldn't be able to switch weapon during the skill effect.

    well. there are 2 things to look at.

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    1. arrow element applied when long atk weapon equipped, unconditionally

    currently it check's if this is an arrow required skill. but this skill consume arrow as soon as cast ends.after that server doesn't take it as an arrow required skill. so only weapon ele applied.

    2. can't change weapon when this skill effect effetive.

    that's jro info. i will change it back if you can provide info that on iro it behave differently.

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    Thanks for having considered this report ! Anyway even though we aren't normally supposed to switch to weapons other than bows during Severe Rainstorm in IRO, I wonder if it could be possible to keep the possibility of changing to other weapon types here during SR since we can't even use Arrow Vulcan during SR considering it could give a bit more options to performer classes if it isn't too bothersome / gamebreaking ? Would be understandable if you can't do that anyway.

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