• Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    • Skill Name: Giant Growth (Turisus Rune Stone)
      Job Name: Rune Knight
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Increases STR by 30 and causes a 15% chance to deal twice as much damage as normal. 
      If the cast is a Runic Knight, it also increases physical damage based on attack power by 250% (Siege Mode and PVP region 125%) . 


    Turisus Rune (Giant Growth) should increase damage by 250%. After testing, it appears the damage is increased by more than 250%.

    Tested with only 30 STR Buff (Using +20 STR Food and +10 STR food) and I deal around 6,4-6,6k damage



    When use Giant Growth (Turisus Rune), it should add 250% damage. So lets take 6500 damage for an example: 6500 + (6500*250%)=  22.750.


    But right now it becomes around 36k~39k ? It's like adding 500% damage instead of 250%. 6500+(6500*500%)= 39.000




    Note: The test above is using my full equipment. Which are:



    If i only use katana:


    Just +30 str is 450ish to 600ish. So if i take 600 damage, it should be around: 600+(600*250%)= 2100

    Now with Turisus Rune (just katana):


    Mind blowing 3k to 4kish damage xD

    All test use the following stat: (before any buff which is +30 str foods and turisus buff)


    Please correct me if I'm wrong or misinformed. Perhaps there's another calculation that i missed or something

    Edited by kingtristan
    Edited: Add Stats and equipment during testing

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    you forgot one variable dude you were a CRIT type do you know what it means?its not a  bug the problem is if you hit on dummy no flashy crit border shows up just saying

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    Where is the number 250% taken from? All sites feature only 300% of this rune. 

    "Turisus Rune
    Rank C

    Fixed Cast Time: 1 second

    STR Bonus: 30

    Duration: 3 minutes

    15% chance to increase the next normal melee attack damage by 300%.

    0.1% chance to break Caster’s weapon."

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    On 1/23/2018 at 2:02 PM, Inkfish said:

    it's a formula after balance patch

    and it WAS bugged. the 250% calculated twice

    Are you sure it was calculated twice on script?  Or just it is on critical?  Coz this make the Rk become so nerfed @Inkfish

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    Should be about right. Well, if the hugel hg ever comes. You'll regain some of the damage back @SangPredator-san. The rune update was a blessing to rk. I decided to play physical RK before the whole rune update thing, you are the same I believe. Don't let it discourage you. /no1

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    Tbh, it was obvious that there was something wrong on the formula, see kro or iro videos about crit rk and you'll see that they were doing smaller damage than rk here with overupg gears compared to rk doing big damage with trash gears on this server

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