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    [Rune Knight] Hagalaz/Stone Hard Skin breaks own weapon

    • Skill Name: Stone Hard Skin
      Job Name: Rune Knight
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Skin of Stone

      • Alt: Stonehard Skin
      • Rune: Halagas.
      • Effect: Hardens the user's skin to increase DEF and MDEF temporarily. Due to user's hardened skin, there is a 30% chance to break the weapon of the attacker, or to reduce its ATK by 25% for 10 seconds if the attacker is a monster.
      • Target: Self.
      • DEF and MDEF Boost: (JobLv × RuneMastery_Lv) ÷ 4
      • HP Cost: 20%
      • Fixed Cast Time: 2 seconds.
      • Duration: 3 minutes; Until Stoneskin's HP reaches zero.

      Source: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Rune_Mastery



    When Hagalaz rune is activated, my weapon breaks. But the intended effect does not say so. It should be of my attacker, not me. 

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    I remember reporting this way back on 2009. I always use unbreakable weapon so didn't notice it nowadays. Lol. Anyway, the weapon breaking effect is only for melee attacks and not ranged. Tested on iro.

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    The breaking effect also happens when I'm using bowling bash or ignition break :( My only indestructible 2H sword now is a chrome 2h but I don't like its HP penalty so I hope this gets fixed soon. 

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