• [Rune Knight] Enchant Blade - Relative MATK Modifier should work with Enchant Blade

    • Skill Name: Enchant Blade
      Job Name: Rune Knight
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Relative MATK Modifier (Matk +n%) should increase Enchant Blade damage.

      Provide test steps:

      Step 1: Attack using EB buff (while naked) and record the damage - Screenshot 1
      Step 2: Wear a +7% MATK accessory (Buwaya Agimat Tattoo)
      Step:3: Attack using EB buff (with the acessory) and record the damage - Screenshot 2

      w/o Buyawa Agimat Tattoo: 821 normal, 1149 Crit

      With Buwaya Agimat Tattoo: 821 normal, 1149 Crit

      There is no increase in damage in-game.

      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    Status: Enchant Blade
    Equipment: Buwaya Agimat Tattoo for Matk % increase observation
    Ammunition: None
    Mount: Ferus
    Requirement: Have EB buff

    From the tests MATK % doesn't add anything to EB damage currently. Any relative MATK % (bMagicAddRace,RC_NonBoss,n; bonus2 bMagicAddRace,RC_Boss,n) should influence Enchant Blade damage. This should include Elemental and Racial Mods since they are pretty much the same thing.




    Images 3 & 4:
    3. I wore a alchemy glove (+1int) to see that my damage rose from 1622 to 1626.
    4. Wearing bradium earring (+1 int, +2% matk), I noticed that my damage rose to 1633 instead.

    Conclusion B: Enchant blade is also increased by % matk gears.

    iRO SS: http://imgur.com/a/xhAoJ

    Base Damage: 1622


    Damage with +2% MATK (Bradium Earring): 1633

    This shouldn't include the bonus damage from INT.

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