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    Rebels can use Spirit Spheres as Coins

    • Skill Name: Summon Spirit Sphere/Zen
      Job Name: Rebel
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      From https://ragnarok.gamepedia.com/RO_Patch_(2014_May_28)


      Skill [Summon Spirit Sphere] changed to prevent it from being used on Gunslinger.


      as an aside, rg can also use spheres as rage counters for burst attack, and sr can use them as souls.


    I tested on the test server a while back 

    1. Equipped a greatest general card on a rebel

    2. Used a skill with a coin cost with only spirit spheres from gg card

    3. Skill successfuly activated by consuming the spirit sphere

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    Ah your past tests with Royal Guard using spirit spheres  might be from an earlier game build so that's why it still works on the test server. ( I assume your statement contains no hearsay)

    I'm in the regular Limitro server right now, testing it live. Used the chen card to generate a spirit sphere but the Royal guard skill "Burst attack" fails whenever I try to use it.

    Next I used the Royal Guard skill "vanguard force" and allowed myself to get hit so that I can generate rage counters. Vanguard force works successfully after that. The spirit sphere I summoned earlier is still floating around my body so I assume it hasn't been spent.

    Gonna quote myself here

    On 1/23/2019 at 11:31 PM, Ragology said:

    It seems that the spirit spheres and rage counters can both be used together but they don't share a resource and only one of them will display visually. (So you'll still be gaining rage counters even though it looks like you've only got a single spirit sphere orbiting your character.) The Royal Guard move that spends rage counters will fail if you've only got spirit spheres to use.


    On official servers, does the greatest general card have its effect disabled when used on gunslinger? And the advanced ring of flame lord, does it have its spirit sphere summoning ability disabled when equipped by them?

    Also, are coins still adding attack the way spirit spheres do? If so then I will continue to believe that spirit spheres and coins are built upon the same "skill currency" system, while Soul reaper "souls" are third in line  and Royal Guard "rage counters" are completely separate.


    Hearsay is no good because then we get situations like this


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    Its as the patch says:

    " Skill [Summon Spirit Sphere] changed to prevent it from being used on Gunslinger. "

    i.e slingers and rebels can't use spirit spheres as fuel for their skills. It says nothing about not being able to gain it, just that they can't use it. As such I have no reason to believe this isn't a bug as there is an official patch for it.


    As for hearsay, when sources are credible enough, it's not hearsay. Especially when multiple sources asked say the same thing.


    and for your gg card thing:


    "Personally, I'd say the Greatest General card.  It's only really useful to Monks classes and Gunslingers (gain a coin instead of a spirit sphere), but the proc chance is so low it's a wonder why anyone would use it at all."

    If coins were equal to ss, why would there be a need to differentiate between the 2?

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    Ah, my mistake. Seems that it means used like "spent" and not "obtained." Okay, now all we need now is for a coin related gunslinger skill to not work when there's only spirit spheres to spend and those patch notes will stand. (since I don't live in a world where patch notes are correct 100% of the time.

    Sure the patch notes come from an official source, but I want to believe that all companies patch notes come from an official source (since there's no reason to cover patch notes that aren't about your own game.) And since private servers are taking things from official sources without editing things unless its a feature that has to be customized for their own servers ( like a damage formula or drop rate) then I want to believe that it works here the same way it'd work on official. Though believing that would be hearsay, even though over 90% of the way things work on Limitro is the same as official, making it a credible source by your definition.

    As far as differentiating between coins and spheres, as of now, the only reason I see to change their names is the lore behind the classes since spirit spheres seem more like an acolyte thing (as that job line dabbles with the spiritual things) while coins are more like a material possession that fits better with the theme of a Gunslinger. We arrive at the third name change with Soul reaper since many of their soul reaper skills have the word "soul" in their names and so it sounds more thematically  fitting than coins or spirit spheres, even if its the same system underneath. I think if they would have been called "spirit reapers" then the name would still be called spirit spheres. A lot of their soul linker skills have the word "spirit" in their name and as of now the game doesn't differentiate between spirit spheres and soul reaper souls anyway.

    Just as Royal Guard MP (MP) bar could have been renamed a Piety Points (PP) bar, fitting more thematically while serving the same function as the MP bars that all the other jobs use.

    Every skill in the game could have  been named an untranslatable gibberish, but if tests between multiple skills  result in the same outcome then I'm willing to bet the skills are the same underneath, regardless of what they're named.

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    first of all, coin and ss are the same thing. just on different jobs.

    then kro disabled giving ss to gunslinger. we do that

    and kro disabled call spirit using by gunslinger. we do that. this doesn't include dangerous soul collect.

    besides these, we do nothing unless solid source given.

    in the current limit system, souls, coins, spirit spheres are the same thing. anything else are not the same to them.

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    some facts on jro.

    in 2010, you can use enervation to remove rage counts, coins or spirit spheres.

    in 2013, you can use enervation to remove only spirit spheres. jro patched it.

    in 2016, you can still you call spirit to gain up to 2 coins. you can use fury with 5 coins.

    so literally, they all are the same thing.

    i'll change rage count to spirit ball and patch accordingly.


    the patches are:

    gunslinger can't use summon spirits spheres

    monk can't give spheres to gunslinger

    shadow chaser can only remove monk's spheres.


    changes may include:

    you can use fury when have 5 rage counts

    you can gain rage counts by call spirit

    you can't gain coins by call spirit

    shadow chaser can't remove coins

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