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    Rebel skill "slug shot bug"

    • Skill Name: slug shot
      Job Name: rebelion
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      the skill slug shoot is shot gun exclusive skill. when cast it will consume 1 shotgun slug. It is to be noted the "shotgun slug" ammo don't need to equip (i try to equip but nothing happen) just like normal ammo. It just need to inside inventory (etc) and will automatically consumed upon usage of "slug shoot" skill. 1 more thing the output damage of slug shot does not change with or without the "shotgun slug" ammo in inventory (etc). 


    as i explain and tested above the skill doesn't consume shotgun slug.

    lastly it might display incorrect damage.. this part im not sure. Distance vs damage done. the only thing known is long distance mean more hit penalty for skill slug shot.

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