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    Nullification of Mado Gear Fuel requirement without Kick Step card set for some skills

    • Skill Name: Acceleration, Flame Launcher, Front and Back Slide
      Job Name: Mechanic
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      It should require Mado Gear Fuel, where it would show Skill Fail if I don't have any since I don't have the cards required to nullify this requirement -- given it shows in the skill description.


    Some skills, not all, I haven't tried the others besides the mentioned are not using Mado Gear Fuel even if it requires it to cast.


    Skill descriptions all saying it would require/consume Mado Gear Fuel.


    Front Slide:


    Back Slide:




    Flame Launcher:



    Note: I don't have any Mado Gear Fuel on my  Inventory and also no Kick Step Card set.


    Skill Demonstration (Sorry I don't know how to create a video :c ) :

    Back slide


    Front Slide





    Note: It would have been best to see when it's a video. I'm sorry idk how :c
    Note 2: They are not in the same order because I forgot to take a picture of where I was standing.
    (Chronological order by time: Front-slide -> Acceleration -> Backslide )


    Flame Launcher:







    Last Note: Not all are affected by this, I tried using Arms Cannon and it consumes Mado Gear, but I'm not sure on the other skills.


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    Test Result:

    Front Slide - Fixed

    Back Slide - Fixed

    Flame Launcher - Fixed

    Analyze - Fixed

    Camouflage - Fixed 

    Shape Shifter - Fixed

    Magnetic Field - Fixed

    Stealth - Fixed

    Self Destruct - Fixed

    Cold Shower - Not Fixed (Should consume also Mado Gear Fuel) 

    Hovering - Not Fixed (Not working even with Mado Gear Fuel + Hovering Booster Accesory are in inventory)

    Acceleration - Not Fixed (Not working even with Mado Gear Fuel + Accelerator Accesory are in inventory)

    screenLimitRO Test006.jpg

    screenLimitRO Test005.jpg

    screenLimitRO Test004.jpg

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