• Skill Name: MIX COOKING
      Job Name: GENETIC/GENE
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      This should be followed by "Success" with number of successful food created or "Failed"


      Provide test steps:

      1st Skill Casting/ or what ever it is called


      as you can see the the food it self appears on the queue linescreenLimitRO012.thumb.jpg.5c9f14abea82cbdd575001f33ab6a69a.jpg

      but when i press ok nothing happened no "FAIL" nor "Success" appears on the message board and my ingredients are still intact,


      Screenshot & Proof: Closed

    please fix this I'm running out of food I'll go hungry in no time my buffer stack will only last for this day T ^ T . . . . . 

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    You're using level 2 Mixed Cooking. Which means it makes 10 batches per cast. You should have enough materials to cover 10 sets. You only have 24pcs Drosera Tentacle. 1 set requires 3pcs, so you should have 30 to use level 2 Mixed Cooking.

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    I just checked the skill, it's working for me. Both level 1 and level 2.


    Do you have enough ingredients? Red Herbs, White Herbs, Blue Herbs?

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    Hi Sir It's working Now yep I got enough materials on my inventory don't know why it isn't working before but the thing is it came back how it supposed to be after skill reset tho don't know what happened 0w0.


    P.S. sorry for my late reply I was away for several days XD

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      Pending = We are still working on this report.

      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

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