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    Missing Animation Skills

    Master Orochimaru
    • Skill Name: Kunai Explosion, Shadow Trampling, Rapid Throw, Release Ninja Spell, Killing Strike and Illusion:Shock
      Job Name: Kagerou and Oboro
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      These Videos shows the Animation skills of Kagerou / Oboro.

      Those Animation are Missing in LimitRO.

      Provide test steps:

      PS. I can't Upload the video of missing animation skill because of my connection Problem. Photos can't help but this is one of my proof of missing animation of Kunai Explosion

      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    on 00:17 shows User of Killing StrikeRush toward a target upon using this skill ( it didn't rush, it just walking)

    on 00:34 shows the Animation Skill of Rapid Throw

    on 01:36 shows the Animation Skill of Shadow Trampling



    on 00:32 shows the Animation Skill of Release Ninja Spell




    on 00:44 shows the Animation Skill of Kunai Explosion

    on 01:03 shows the Animation Skill of Illusion:Shock

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    comfirmed final strike but won't fix. it shares te code with Asura strike. i don't think that makes much difference. besides i don't know what exactly the packet.

    fixed Illusion shock. except that i hardcoded it to be poring. but i'm not sure if thee could be other monsters. the packet allows it to be any monsters.


    read code, didn't test, won' test, aren't confirmed. unless video from limitro provided

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      Pending = We are still working on this report.

      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

      Closed = Feedback or opinion better posted on our forum for discussion. Also for reports we cannot reproduce or need more information. In this case just add a comment and we will review it again.

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