• Magnificat lv 4 duration bug

    • Skill Name: Magnificat
      Job Name: Archbishop (possibly Priest / High Priest also)
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      I am just going by the values from level 3 and 5.

      Level : Duration

      Level 3 : 2min
      Level 4: likely 2min 30s? 
      Level 5: 3min


      Thank you and hope you can fix this soon! 😆



    Magnificat duration for lv 4 is bugged. 

    I have gone through each level to check if the duration is correct according to the description. Level 3 seems to be correct, level 5 seems to be correct, but
    Level 4 only occurs for 15 seconds. All screenshots made right after skill is cast.

    Level 3 Magnificat: 2 minute durationscreenLimitRO006.thumb.jpg.cce478d5d083f1f4906ab78b1ef56fbd.jpg

    Level 5 Magnificat: 3 minute duration


    Level 4 Magnificat: 15 second durationscreenLimitRO005.thumb.jpg.86a96974b31c67a443660cdaba137699.jpg


    character equipment:


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