• Kaute Recovery Amount

    • Skill Name: Kaute
      Job Name: Soul Reaper
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      The skill Kaute should recover sp based on the max sp of the target. The 3 videos below show the reaper recovering a constant amount of sp irregardless of his current sp. Roughly: 482 with each use on the 1st, 528 on the 2nd video and 736 sp on the 3rd video





    The skill kaute should not be recovering sp based on the current sp of the target, and should instead be recovering sp based on their max sp.

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    Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/ro/1957/1664

    This is a guide for Soul Reapers in kRO.

    Here are some excerpts from the guide regarding Kaute.

    카우트는 max sp 기준 마스터시 20% 회복을

    Kaute recovers 20% of Max SP when mastered.


    다시 한번 강조해 말씀 드리면 소울리퍼는 카아히+ 뎀감으로 버티면서 딜을 하고 그에 따른 SP 손실은 카우트로 매꾸는 방식입니다, 그래서 max sp가 높으면 관리하기 편하기 떄문에 max sp를 신경써주면 좋습니다

    This is explaining about Kaahi and Kaute combo. They're saying as long as you have a high Max SP, you'll have no problem maintaining/recovering your SP.




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