• Gentle Touch - Change lv5 reducing HP more than it should do

    • Skill Name: Gentle Touch - Change
      Job Name: Sura
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Well, I'm not sure.
      It should give ASPD?
      it shouldn't decrease so much the HP?



    So, the bug is simple and straight foward.
    The description of the skill its saying that it will consume 5% of your HP (lv5).
    I did the testing, and the skill is actually taking 20% of my HP in total.

    The skill should give you ATK (which I think its normal) and also ASPD (which is also bugged, not giving you anything).
    Follow bellow the steps that I did:

    normal buffs only (check HP and ASPD):



    using rising dragon (which buffs your HP and ASPD):



    now using Gentle Touch - Change (look at HP and ASPD):



    Its a weird math there!
    I don't know if its cancelling the rising dragon buff... But its not normal to decrease 20% of the HP.

    Any guess?

    Thank you in advance!

    Best Regards,

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    Makes sense now. hehe
    But if thats the case, then at least the description of the skill should be changed.
    Its saying that at 5lv, only 5% HP is consumed.

    Thanks for the link anyway!

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    This is actually bug.

    I got this from latest Korean Skill Desc

    [SKID.SR_GENTLETOUCH_CHANGE] = {"점혈 - 반(點穴-反)",
     "MAX Lv : 5",
     "^777777습득조건 : 점혈 - 구 3 ^000000",
     "계열 : ^777777  액티브 /  버프 ^000000",
     "내용 : ^777777  점혈 수법을 사용해 자신의 공격력과 공격 속도를 증가시키고, [폭기산탄], [수라신탄]의 데미지를 증가시킨다. 스킬 사용 시 기구체 1개와 약간의 HP 를 소모한다. 이 스킬은 [점혈 : 활] 스킬과 함께 사용할 수 없다. ^000000",
     "[Level 1] : ^777777 HP 1% 소모 /ATK + 8 /ATK + 1%^000000",
     "[Level 2] : ^777777 HP 2% 소모 /ATK +16 /ATK + 2%^000000",
     "[Level 3] : ^777777 HP 3% 소모 /ATK +24 /ATK + 3%^000000",
     "[Level 4] : ^777777 HP 4% 소모 /ATK +32 /ATK + 4%^000000",
     "[Level 5] : ^777777 HP 5% 소모 /ATK +40 /ATK + 5%^000000"}, 



    PS, this is why I don't like iRO wiki, so godamn outdated. XD

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