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    Elemental Charms change Kunai Splash Element

    Legendary Kagerou
    • Skill Name: Kunai Splash (Happo Kunai)
      Job Name: Oboro/Kagerou
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      The skill's element shouldn't be affected by the charms.

      On some forum, someone also says that you can use max charms and the skill's element still won't be changed.



    Using 10 elemental charms also change the skill's element. It shouldn't be because its element should only be determined by the equipped kunai.
    Testing Done:
    No general equipment. Just the equipped Heat Wave Kunai(Fire element). Tried to kill Martin(Earth element).
    Screenshot 1: No charms used. It hits Martin.
    Screenshot 2: Has 10 Earth charms. The skill misses on Martin.

    Elemental Charms changes the skill's element.
    The skill missed the martin because somehow its element got changed to Earth when 10 Earth Charms were used.
    The correct behavior of this skill is that its element should still stay as same element as the equipped kunai regardless the charms/converter/etc the player used.

    Note: Tried elemental converter scrolls. It doesn't affect the skill's element.

    Edited by Levistre
    rephrasing some explanation

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    Changed Status to Fixed

    well, the report is true

    but i wouldn't take what irowiki says as an good example


    elemental charms shouldn't change kunai's element

    it's because elemental charms shouldn't change kunai's element

    it's not because elemental charms is one of the methods that change weapon element.


    the same applies to golden ferse





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