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    Curse Explosion Bonus Damage Bug

    • Skill Name: Curse Explosion
      Job Name: Soul Reaper
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Skill should only give bonus damage to targets under commander curse and no longer deal bonus damage to targets under normal curse


      - Curse Explosion
      Increases max level from 5 to 10. Changes bonus damage against target under Curse debuff to Evil Curse debuff.


      Curse explosion
      Max level: 10
      Prerequisite skill: Evil spirit's Curse level 3
      Type: Attack / Damage
      Description: Deal shadow magical damage to the target and surrounding enemies in 7 x 7 cells.
      It will deal more damage to the target inflicted by Evil Curse.


    The skill curse explosion is still doing bonus damage to cursed targets ontop of bonus damage to targets affected by commander's curse. Tested on test server with no gears.

    1. attacked eggs on training grounds with curse explosion: 2391 damage
    2. attacked eggs with napalm vulcan to curse them
    3. attacked again with curse explosion: 6016 damage
    4. used evil spirit curse on the egg to give it commander curse while it was under the effects of normal curse
    5. attacked again with curse explosion: 12032 damage
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