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    Convenio Skill Bug

    Alice Lacroix
    • Skill Name: Convenio
      Job Name: Arch Bishop
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      I have been noticed about the Ancilla not consuming when using the Convenio Skill.

      Plus, I've tested the skill at a certain map. I use the said skill, not appearing my party mate momentarily. and then suddenly, my party mate's client crashed in an instant resulting to close the game.








    Edited by Alice Lacroix
    I have found out that it has a skill requirement on Convenio. Thanks for informing me Theodosia. Ignore the first problem. Now the second problem is the client crashes of every members when on a party when I'm using the skill

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    I see.

    How about using the Convenio skill then it crash the client when using it? I use the skill on my party mate then suddenly his client crashes.


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