• Cart Cannon DMG

    • Skill Name: Cart Cannon
      Job Name: Genetic
      Skill Correct Behavior:
      Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage + {(Cart_Remodeling_Lv × 50) × (INT ÷ 40)}]%


      Level Base Damage (ATK) Area of Effect Range Cast Time (Var) SP Cost
      1 60% 3x3 8 cells 1.0s 40
      2 120% 9 cells 1.5s 42
      3 180% 5x5 10 cells 2.0s 46
      4 240% 11 cells 2.5s 48
      5 300% 7x7 12 cells 3.0s 50
      Provide test steps:

      I hit an evil druid for 99k/106k



      Screenshot & Proof: Closed

    So i was hitting an Undead4 mob whit holy element and i was doing 90k dmg ... here are the maths for my stats/equip vs a lv4 undead mob




    Since Evil Druid are lvl4 undead the final dmg should be 124437 TOTAL DMG. i know im not counting the ED defense, but cmon those 88 defense are diminishing my dmg by almost 30k?

    Edited by Kashido
    Added TemBoot Enchant%

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    Your calculations are kinda off. The ATK value on you window screen.. Isn't your real ATK. There's some hidden like Overupgrade bonus and sATK that actually deals twice the damage but not affected by racial/size/elemental mods. Also thats not how you stack modifiers..

    Anyhow, back to CC. Def has never been a problem for CC. I think the problem was, the element from the cannonball was applied to the whole damage including the sATK that I mentioned earlier. But maybe it was fixed and exclude the elemental properties for sATK thus lowering the damage. Well thats my opinion anyway.


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    If what you wanna test is just CC damage formula, isn't it better to remove everything? and just wear a non-upgraded weapon so there's no variable involved.

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