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    Brandish Spear range bug

    • Skill Name: Brandish Spear
      Job Name: Knight
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      How is this skill supposed to be? Give us your sources. Provide screenshots, gif or videos if possible.


    why brandish spear not ranged dmg? like described here :

    - 브랜디쉬 스피어
    범위내 대상에게 원거리 물리 데미지를 주도록 변경됩니다.
    데미지 공식이 변경되며, 시전자의 STR에 따라 데미지가 추가로 증가되도록 변경됩니다.
    시전 딜레이가 감소되며, 스킬 후 딜레이 0.5초가 추가되고, 스킬 쿨타임 1초가 추가됩니다.
    소모 SP가 24로 증가됩니다.

    -Brandish Spear
    Changed to deal ranged physical damage to targets in range.
    The damage formula is changed, and the damage is increased according to the caster's STR.
    Cast delay is reduced, 0.5 second delay after skill is added, and 1 second cooldown is added.
    SP consumption increased to 24.


    if it's ranged why cornus can reflect it?



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