• Berserk [Frenzy] With Auto Warg

    Naberson (The Nabster)
    • Skill Name: Berserk [Frenzy]
      Job Name: Ranger
      Skill Correct Behavior:


      It's pretty much saying that Berserk should double my damage if it's 100% ATK

      Provide test steps:

      I was doing Normal Hits first and AUTO WARG was 35k-40k without Berserk [Frenzy].

      and after I used Berserk [Frenzy], Normal Hits was Doubled but my AUTO WARG was still 35k-40k

      Shouldn't it be doubled? around 70k-80k?

      Does that mean only my Normal Attack is affected?

      Does it not affect my Warg Strike?

      Is the skill behaving properly or not?

      Screenshot & Proof: Closed

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    I assume it's because they are different skills. It's the same when I applied Turisus rune to my Gx via Lux Anima. Berserk doesn't apply on rune damage because they are different type attacks. Berserk only applies on your normal atk. Since you can't use manual skills with berserk, you can only tell this by observing autocast skills cast during zerk. 

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    the only thing frenzy doesn't apply to is dragon breath and Martyr's Reckoning.

    but no one says it should double your damage.

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