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    Basilica missing dmg

    • Skill Name: Basilica
      Job Name: High Priest
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      5.1 Basilica
      - Reduces fixed casting time from 9 second to 1 second (on level 5).
      - Adds 3 seconds variable casting time.
      - Reduces delay after skill from 6 seconds to 1 second (on level 5).
      - Adds 30 seconds cooldown.
      - Reduces SP consumption from 120 to 80 (on level 5).
      - Changes skill mechanism, increases holy property magical damage and increases physical damage against shadow and undead property monsters of the user for the duration.



    Basilica gives buff icon, but no dmg increase with either physical or magic attacks.

    Tested on undead/undead Orc Zombie and players with undead property (not shown) with holy light and attacking with Holy stick (holy enchanted weapon) no damage differences






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