• Arclouse Dash cooldown

    • Skill Name: Arclouse Dash
      Job Name: Summoner
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Arclouse Dash cooldown to be 6-7sec instead if 10-11sec.

      This is a video of kRO Summoner using the Arclouse Dash. At 1:24, you will see the Summoner casting Arclouse Dash and the cooldown is about 6-7 seconds. Later on at 3:35, you will see her being able to Lope successfully and cast Arclouse Dash again (with the same 6-7 cooldown instead of 10-11sec); and another Lope+Dash at 3:51.

      My Summoner in iRO also has the same cooldown as kRO.

      So, please fix the cooldown of Arclouse Dash from 10-11sec to 6-7sec. ^^



    (This report is about Arclouse Dash cooldown, but ties in with my [report about Lope].)

    Arclouse Dash cooldown is longer than official server (kRO and iRO). I don't have the exact duration but in Limit, it takes 10-11sec before you can use the skill again. This is me casting Arclouse Dash. Take note of the cooldown.


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