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    Aqua incorrect bonus damage DD

    • Skill Name: Summon Aqua
      Job Name: Sorcerer
      Skill Correct Behavior:

      Level 2 Aqua

      El Aqua M.gif

      Bonus Stats for Aqua




      My Job 60 => 60*5=300% boost damage Diamond Dust and 60/5=12% boost chance of effect (Crystallization).



    Perhaps the formula does not include the Job level.

    The correct formula

    Crystallization chance from Diamond Dust is increased by (Caster’s Job Level / 5)%.
    Increases the damage done by Diamond Dust by (Caster’s Job Level x 5)%.

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    I believe formula is correct and the Aqua is boost damage on formula not Final Damage, but you can report as missing Matk+40(I no test, please test yourself, i just based on your screenshot only...)

    Before Aqua formula = ((5*123)+(5*200)*175/100)% =23.65

    • 253*23.65 = 5983.45 (no calc on Mdef)

    After Aqua formula : (300+(5*123)+(5*200)*175/100)% = 26.65

    • (253+80)*26.65 = 8874.45
    • (253+40+80)*26.65 = 9940.45 << 

    Odin Power : (253+100)*23.65= 8348.45

    Please correct me if i wrong = )

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    Base Damage: A

    Ratio of  Diamond Dust: B%

    Damage: A*B%

    Damage with Cooler: A*(B+joblevel*5)%

    if you interpret it a different way, give your source and make another report.

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