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    Calling me C U N T via private message

    • Player Name: Jr Gong Zilla
      Rule Violation: Offensive Language / Excessive Swearing
      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    im buying a bow in trade channel then this guy pm me and offer me OP. then when i say he's OP he started to call me c*nt. he even swearing using the same language of mine. i think i dont need to explain the pinoy swearing he said i bet u ady encountered this kind of report about peenoise lol.


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    User Feedback

    yeah, saw someone reporting this player too. serioulsy, this guy wants to be muted or ban. he really wants to know if GMs will really punish him for being a dickhead.

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    thats the guy who sells his pharaoh card for 8vips, -real stupid. Jr Gong Zilla, find another server please. 

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    • Status Definitions

      Pending = We are still working on this report.

      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

      Closed = Feedback or opinion better posted on our forum for discussion. Also for reports we cannot reproduce or need more information. In this case just add a comment and we will review it again.

      Proof = Lack of evidence, need more proof.