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    BG AFK

    • Player Name: Aizen Merchant
      Rule Violation: AFk
      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed
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    I see people #Main that Aizen is constantly AFKing in BG.

    Thank you to those Helpers or GMs for taking action by banning his character in BG C. But i believe he already make new character or account, since i heard he also AFK in BG A now.

    But please dont just mute a player for AFKing farming in BG, since that kind of punishment is useless.

    Atleast ban them for 1-2days for 1st time offender, 2nd time maybe double or triple the punishment to 2-6 days ban and so on.

    When i checked ban list, a player also got permanent ban for this(See attachment).

    We have 600 player online, i dont accept excuse that AFK is to make BG lively. This server isnt dead server.

    LimitRO Permanent Ban AFK.PNG

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      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

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