• Accusations and cuss words VIA PM and Chat

    • Player Name: Fioreee
      Rule Violation: Cussing words and wild accusations
      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    I was just buying a baphomet card, kind of feeling the market price then this kiddo (Fioreee) accused me being the vendor of the one's being sold in the harbor for 399m.
    I stated in my trade-shout for 450m just to feel the market price.
    This kid then told me that there's a baphocard worth 399m in VH and that I should use @whosells command although the game stated "@whosells failed, invalid ID or name". dunno, maybe I typed in the wrong item name? anyways, continuing;
    Then I asked this kid(Fioreee) where's the card's location in VH.
    Once I got in VH and saw the card being sold lesser than my asking price, I immediately asked him/her (can't assume gender) if it was overpriced. As I have said, I was feeling the market price in the first place.
    To my surprise, the kid then accused me being the seller of that card and stating that it's an old trick. and then bla bla bla the kid goes on and on and on even chatting cuss words (which are one of the rule violations in game) as you'd refer to the screenshots.

    And here comes the best part, the kid then accused me being the scammer of his/her friend.
    I guess he's/she's delusional or played lots of hours of Outlast 2. (which BTW, a great game!)
    Better have a talk with an expert with the brain or a psychiatrist I should say and stop playing psychotic games.

    I get it, I understand that it's an old trick by OP sellers but to assume someone doing that even if asked if the asking price is wrong.
    Better report and let the GM team handle the case instead of ACCUSING and CUSSING CURSE WORDS on someone.

    I believe in fair justice system!
    I believe in America!
    I believe in Trump!
    I believe in Kim Jong Un the Savior!

    Well, kidding aside, you may refer to my screenshots for your evaluation and thank you!

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      Pending = We are still working on this report.

      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

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