• Unknown invisible attacker on oghh

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    Encountered this on ogh hard final boss room, if you try to go to the marked area on the screenshot, some unknown thingy will attack you it cant be seen but im pretty sure its there because the damage is real and it has the exclamation point mark sonyou know its there, i tried using earth drive near it to reveal it at least but it cant be detected. It uses a barrage of magic attacks if you go near it and i was guessing it uses magic because it procs my pendant of maelstorm.


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    Does it have any effects? I think those are supposed to cast Grand Darkness all over the map like the official hard mode of the instance does.

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    I went oghn today to check it it is present in normal mode. It is now i went with effects on the the invisble thing is still o that area and the skill that he use is kinda like meteor storm. And sady i disovered another bug this time on ogh normal mode the dead bodies that spawn maggots on final boss room tend to respawn thus giving more chance for coagulated drops. This is prone to abuse gm please confirm or take a look on it @yuuki







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    Hmmm.. the dead bodies are supposed to respawn in official servers. They have a set time to respawn, even outside of the final room. AFAIK, they shouldn't cast meteor but they should cast Grand Darkness at set intervals.

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