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    Temple of Demon God can't enter

    • NPC Name: NPC Name: Nidhogg
      NPC Location: NPC Location: Flame Cave(moro_cav) 41 73
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      NPC Nidhogg should let me create the Temple of Demon God Instance and Enter after finishing the instance Isle of Bios, and Morse Cave. 


    I have finish the the Dimensional Travel and Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers main quest. Today, I finished Isle of Bios, and Morse Cave but before I tried doing the Temple of Demon God, I took the Flame Basin Instance Daily Quests npc Hisie, Commander Agip, and Staff Abidal. I went back and talk to Nidhogg and create the Temple of Demon God Instance but said "I'm cleaning up. Allow it to progress smoothly. Meanwhile, you should really take a rest! The remaining ones have left this place. I have never taken the quest but it seems like it is on cooldown.


    Edited by NyborRO

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