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    Rockridge Coins quest bug

    White Crane
    • NPC Name: Steel Vigilante II
      NPC Location: Rockridge 355 152
      NPC Correct Behavior:


      Quest: Guardian of Rockridge 

      Under quest Guardian of Rockridge, with the NPC Steel Vigilante II , he should reward me 30 Rockridge coins after killed 10 x of the type of buffalo he asked me to kill, however, he couldnt recodnise my kill no matter how many times i have done the task.

      Step 1: talked with the Steel Vigilante II

      Step 2: got the quest to kill x10 Buffalo Brandits wearing an eye patch and a pale green vest

      Step 3: went to the dungeon and killed 10+ pale green buffalo, the number is not counting


      Step 4: Came back to talk with Steel Vigilante, he couldn't recognise my kills, and still asked me to eliminate 10 pale green buffalo, where the number I have killed was way beyond.



      Step 5: I do the coin quest everyday, hoping the NPC will restart counting, or refresh the tasks, it stucked forever...

      Char Name: BUTTON I / Ranger

      Could you kindly fix it for me please?

      Thank you in advance:)


    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...

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