• [Must Read] How to Report a NPC/Item Bug?

    • NPC Name: NPC Name
      NPC Location: Example: Prontera 133 154
      NPC Correct Behavior: Describe the correct behavior of this NPC.

    How to Report a NPC/Item Bug?

    First, thank you for helping and willing to contribute to make LimitRO better! =)

    In order for our developers @Inkfish & @Yuuki to keep things easier and jump directly to the main issue, we would like the reporters to follow the following mall.
    Please include at least these following to your report:

    Topic Item Report

    • Item Name / Item ID
    • Describe the bug - how you tested
      1. Step 1 what did you do?
      2. Step 2 what did you do?
      3. Step 3 what did you do?
      4. etc...
    • Give your source (why you think it's bugged or according which website?)
    • Your Char Name / Your Char Stats

    Topic NPC Report

    • NPC Name
    • NPC Location
    • Screenshot of the NPC dialog (of the bug)
      • A little description of the screenshot would be nice.
    • Describe the bug
      1. Step 1 you did what?
      2. Step 2 you did what?
      3. Step 3 you did what?
      4. Step 4 you did what?
      5. Step by step please.
    • Screenshot of your related Quest Log (Alt + U)
    • Why do you think this is bugged? Did you follow any guide?
    • Char Name / Job
    • Equip / Stats

    The more details, the easier it is for us to track the bug and fix it.

    Thank you very much!

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