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    illusion sacred mission enchant bug

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    now that gm lai removed the bugged npc (prof illusion in walk street asgard) i can post this report (a friend advised me not to post directly since bad people might abuse the bug if they know the details)

    illusion sacred mission enchants should only receive armors enchant option

    after the recent maintenance prof illusion is giving enchants to illusion sacred mission that must ONLY be available to LEVEL 3 illusion weapon 

    (this enchant option is OP and and thus officially only available to 1 illusion weapon which is illusion sharpen leg bone of ghoul, this is the only level3 illusion weapon atm. This enchant option is officially not available for level 4 illusion as well because its OP) 

    this link from limit ro wiki shows what enchant must be available to armors the options on the bottom is only available to LEVEL 3 illusion weapon 


    i discovered this bug when i decided to put option on my illusion sacred mission hours after the maintenance so i do not know if some people already abused it

    i got acute 5 (15 crit + 50% more damage to crit attack on my shield) thats too op and mind you its possible to get 2 level 5 special bio lab enchant (example mettle 5 double, acute 5 double etc..) now thats freaky right?

    to readers if you encounter such enchant or people try to sell you items with this bugged enchant report to gm or else if its traced to your account your accounts will be banned spread the words to your ingame mates

    i still have the shield with bugged enchant on the screenshot (which i only use to get bonus atk from shield spell 1) i am planning to reset it and remove the bug enchant when gm fix the npc (dont worry im not a bad person i wont sell or take advantage of it, bug abusers are scum losers!!!!)


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