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    Gold Dragon Plate Missing from NPC (It takes the Ingredients).

    • NPC Name: Redhead
      NPC Location: hu_in01 95, 322
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      The NPC should exchange the item drops from Abyss Lakes for the following Items:

      • Red Dragon Plate
      • Green Dragon Plate
      • Gold Dragon Plate
      • Purple Dragon Plate
      • Blue Dragon Plate
      • Silver Dragon Plate
      • Dragon Scale Hood
      • Dragon Scale Boots

    Currently, the NPC is missing the following texts:

    • Gold Dragon Plate
    • Purple Dragon Plate

    Instead, the npc describes the items as

    • null


    Additionally, upon completing the Exchange, the NPC takes the Ingredient items, yet it doesn't give the Gold Dragon Plate (I personally haven't tested the Purple one).



    Upon further inspection, it seems that the items "Gold Dragon Plate" (15393) and Purple Dragon Plate (15394) do not exist in the internal database of the server.


    This screenshot shows the @ii of the following:

    Red Dragon Plate (15391)

    Green Dragon Plate (15392)

    Gold Dragon Plate (15393)

    Purple Dragon Plate (15394)

    Blue Dragon Plate (15395)

    As it can be seen, the @ii failed while checking the Gold and Purple plates (15393 and 15394).


    Thank you in advance for your attention.

    Best regards.

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