• Doppel Mercenary Loyalty Points Req

    • NPC Name: Mercenary Manager
      NPC Location: Asgard and LimitHQ
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      20 Loyalty Points should only be deducted in the option you choose when buying a Doppelganger Mercenary. Either Spear, Sword, or Bow.

      Screenshot & Proof: Pending

    Currently, when buying a Doppel Mercenary, 20 Loyalty Points are being deducted to each of the Mercenary Class.

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    • Status Definitions

      Pending = We are still working on this report.

      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

      Closed = Feedback or opinion better posted on our forum for discussion. Also for reports we cannot reproduce or need more information. In this case just add a comment and we will review it again.

      Proof = Lack of evidence, need more proof.