• Devil's Tower NPC missing dialogues

    • NPC Name: Magic Swordman, Officer Heim
      NPC Location: The Devil's Tower ([email protected])
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      At the first part with Healer Fama, after healing all the injured soldiers is a cutscene:

      • Officer Heim dialogue boxes should appear when Lucile comes.
      • Magic Swordsman dialogue boxes should appear after Officer Fama is done talking with Lucile.
      • Magic Swordsman dialogue box should appear when Lucile is still there (at the top of the tower).

    After helping Healer Fama, a group of Asassins led by Lucile will appear. With her is also Magic Swordsman. However, throughout this cutscene, only Lucile's dialogue box appears.

    Officer Heim's dialogues did not appear in the first part in her conversation with Lucile, as you can see inside the chatbox at the bottom. Those are all Lucille's dialogues only.


    Later on, when Lucile talks to Magic Swordsman (Thanatos), the swordsman dialogue also did not appear.



    Even later, at the top of the tower ([email protected]), it looks like the Magic Swordsman is missing a line because Lucile seems to be responding to him.



    Edited by onion
    Corrected NPC name to Heim, not Fama

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    Oh, I made a little mistake: it's Officer Heim, not Fama. Sorry.

    Hmm... You mean a video that shows the missing lines? I only found this, but I don't think you can get enough info. You might be able to get for Officer Heim with this video, but not for Thanatos at the top of the tower.

    There is another one, but it's blurry: [this video]

    I actually thought you guys would have the complete quest source though... I haven't been able to do the quest on iRO yet because I'm still low level there, so that's all I got.

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