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    Dailycash OGH Bug

    • NPC Name: Mr. Cash and Hugin
      NPC Location: Old Glast Heim Hard Mode Instance
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      talk to Mr. Cash and Hugin and they will give your daily cash points and items after defeating the boss in OGH Hard mode.


    The issue was after defeating the boss at OGH Hard mode and claiming the daily cash point at Mr. Cash

    1. I was being chased by the monsters at the moment that I was going to talk to Mr. Cash.

    2. I died while the first textbox (talking to Mr. Cash) appeared and it immediately disappeared after being dead.

    3. I was revived at the spot where I died and I was stuck on the coordinates that I was on. I can't interact with any NPCs (Hugin or Mr.cash) and @refresh is also said to be unavailable.

    4. After reconnecting back to the instance, Mr.Cash said that I have already claimed the points with my pc and checked @dailycash if the instance was on cooldown.

    5. The @dailycash OGH was N/A written in the cooldown but Mr. Cash repeated the same text that I have claimed the points on my pc.

    6. Hugin also didn't give the rewards which is the same with Mr. Cash.

    *Note: I didn't have any network connection issues nor any issues with the other instances that I've already done before going to OGH Hard mode.


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