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    Crafting of Illusion Spectral Spear

    Peace Men
    • NPC Name: Jeweler
      NPC Location: pay_d03_i : 160 45
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      Describe the correct behavior of this NPC.

      he always say i need to wear +9 Spectral spear which i did but ended to close conversation and not proceed



    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...

    based on guide i need:

    x1 +9 Spectral Spear

    x100 hazy dream fragment

    x30 illusion stone

    i did brought all those 

    i even make a slotted +9 Spectral Spear[1] 

    i did relog my char

    tried unwearing it also then vise versa

    please help me I even wasted tickets

    Thank You...screenLimitRO020.thumb.jpg.0aba1ba584cffa4b72a881ce8ff75ee0.jpgscreenLimitRO021.thumb.jpg.7bfb72bb6c774ea96cab67e93cace18a.jpgscreenLimitRO022.thumb.jpg.767e5332886f14fced31a920e79d86ab.jpg


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    hi sir

    in what manner is it fixed?

    shall i use slotted ones or not?


    Edited by Peace Men
    irrelevant question

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