• Bounty Expert Party Quests cant be given up

    • NPC Name: Bounty Expert
      NPC Location: Limit Group HQ(paramk) 144 88
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      This NPC gives Party Bounty quest and offers the option to give up on this accepted quest if you are not up to the challenge. 


    I accepted the Bounty Party C quest, which needs me to kill 100 Pourings. This is too hard for my character right now, so I want to give up on that quest and to an easier one. Unfortunatelly the Bounty Expert NPC does not offer an option to give up.

    Bounty Boards DO offer this option for non-party bounty quests. The Bounty Party NPC does NOT. 

    Please fix this - so I can give up on party bounty quest and start another one. 

    If you need more information please let me know. 

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    i tried to duplicate this issue, but it seem that i was able to take the quest, and forfeit it too.

    what does the npc said, when you try to forfeit the quest?

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