• BG deserter problem

    • NPC Name: BG
      NPC Location: BG
      NPC Correct Behavior:

      should be deserter only if leave during duration of bg

      not sure tbh


    some ppl telling that they get deserter status undeserve

    and even if they havent went to bg with that char or even in their life as player in ro

    here is some player stories

    there are more will get more if needed

    sad this stops the flow of bg 


    but nevertheless ty for gm team for fixing bg1, must have been lot of work

    kudos! and gl to us


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    +1 to this because I encountered this same issue earlier. I was doing ET when the Quest Icon appeared at the lower right corner of my screen.

    Not sure if this will help with tracing the bug, but:

    1. I tried queuing for BG2 about 2-ish hours before this happened. I got kicked out though since nobody was interested + it was WOE night. I didn't bother to re-queue afterwards.
    2. I decided to ET to pass the time; I was minding my business when the Quest Icon suddenly appeared. 

    Hope you can look into this sir @Lai. :( Thank you.


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