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    Wrong ATK range of Magical Blade (jRO)

    • Item Name: Magical Blade (jRO)
      Item ID: 13448
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Describe the correct behavior of this Item.

      A magical enchanted sword, coveted by the famous witch-warrior Lila Contrary.
      With the power of lunar light, it could be wielded by Sailor Musa.
      MATK +110
      Adds a chance of autocasting a random magic spells when dealing physical attacks.
      Increases the chances for every 2 refine level.
      Weapon: One-Handed Sword
      Attack: 165
      Weight: 200
      Weapon Level: 4
      Level Requirement: 105
      Jobs: Novice, Swordman, Thief and Merchant

      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

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    according to the setup In normal one hand sword ranger is 1~2

    The Magical Blade has the same ranger as the spear, But in this sword describe none saying any ranger different with other sword.

    confirmed this issue.

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