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    Warlock Stone II (Epic) not providing fixed casting reduction and item information wrong

    • Item Name: Warlock Stone II (Epic)
      Item ID: 25460
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Item should provide -0.1 fixed casting per 2 levels of mystical amplification learned when equiped with high wizard stone II (2nd) and plus 5% neutral property magical damage when equiped with high wizard stone II (3rd).



      divine pride website link for item description.

      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    Item is not providing fixed casting reduction as it should with a total of -0.5 when all mystical amplification levels are learned (instead it is displaying as soul drain but i also have the skill maxed).

     The +5% fire property should be neutral property instead (Third bonus of the item).

    Item information display wrong.

     The other effects which are comet damage (from epic stone), neutral damage from gravitational field learned and +matk from soul drain (stones 2 and 3 itself effects) appear to be working. 

    I tested with instant variable cast (enough int/dex to do so) and i even tested with Old Magic Stone Hat enchanted with biolab magic essence 4 (-0.4 fixed) and skill like Frost Mysty which has 0.5 fixed casting is not going instant cast (total of -0.9 fixed casting, 0.5 from Warlock epic stone II and 0.4 from biolab enchant, should be enough to get a 0.5 fixed casting skill instant cast counting the fact the i already have instant variable cast)

    I also have the Warlock Stone Epic the other version (item id: 25456) which also provides a total 0.5 fixed casting (working as intended) and when im using this one all those skills go instant cast. 

    1 Screenshot shows my 3rd job skill tree / costume equips screen / stats (instant variable cast) / Warlock epic stone 1 and II 

    2 Screenshot shows my 2nd job skill tree / normal equips screen / stats (...) / Warlock stone (2nd) 1 and II

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    After some more testing with the new command im pretty sure the item is working fine it is the warlock epic stone 1 (Crimson rock) that is overtuned giving -1sec fixed casting instead of just -0.5 but item description is wrong still.

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