• Toy Ring only gives half the bonus for Sword Training Mastery

    • Item Name: Toy Ring (jRO)
      Item ID: 28596
      Item Correct Behavior:

      With level 10 Sword Mastery/Training the Toy Ring should give a bonus stats +15 str/agi/vit and attack +100.



      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    I unequipped all gears even CE's and Shadow Gears. Here you can see the screenshot of no Toy Ring equipped.


    Look at the bonus stats and attack. Str +15/Agi +17/Vit +7/Atk +0.

    Then this screenshot below is with Toy Ring equipped.


    Look at the stats bonus of Str/Agi/Vit and atk. It just give +10 Str/Agi/Vit and 50 atk at Sword Mastery lvl 10.

    Then complete bonus should be +5 Str/Agi/Vit plus the +10 Str/Agi/Vit +100 atk at lvl 10 sword mastery/training.

    The total bonus should be +15 Str/Agi/Vit and 100atk.


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    2 hours ago, SangPredator said:

    It is already right. Just wrong description


    ow crap, i thought its like emerald ring bonus. this is bad choice gear XD

    just fix the description though thanks hahahah

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    I think the description also need to be updated from "Sword Training" to "Sword Mastery".

    Because Sword Training refer to Genetic's passive skill.

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