• Rogue Shadow Shoes Bug

    Naberson (The Nabster)
    • Item Name: Rogue Shadow Shoes
      Item ID: 24263
      Item Correct Behavior:

      I think it's supposed to give a little bit more damage if the refine over is +7

      and I have Level 10 Sword Mastery even though the gear is +10 it's only giving me a total of +10 ATK

      (When equipped by Rouge but Shadow Chaser is the Corresponding Job so it should Work)


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

                                  WITHOUT THE GEAR ON                                                                                    WITH THE GEAR ON


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    I'm confused by this item script...


    but here it is:

    	1 bonus bBaseAtk,2*(getrefine() >= 7 * getskilllv("SM_SWORD"))+getskilllv("SM_SWORD");


    Also, it looks like the code is missing the first effect. Seems like the second effect is working. 

    24263 로그 슈즈 쉐도우 ragial.png external_link_icon.gif iRO Wikiexternal

    24263 신발에 추가로 신을 수 있는 신발. 단일로도 사용할 수 있지만 효과는 적다.
    로그 계열이 착용시,
    ATK가 한손검 수련 스킬 레벨만큼 증가한다. 제련도 6 초과시, 초과한 제련도 1당 ATK가 한손검 수련 스킬 레벨만큼 추가로 증가한다.
    계열 : 쉐도우 장비
    위치 : 슈즈 무게 : 0
    요구 레벨 : 1
    장착 : 전직업


    The bold and italicized part is working. It translates to, "When the refine is greater than 6, ATK increases by 1 per skill level."

    So it really only does give +10 ATK when the refine is +7 and you have level 10 Sword Mastery.


    I'm willing to guess that the first effect also only give +10 ATK if you have level 10 learned. The description is leaning that way. Totaling with +20 ATK. 


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