• Rebellion Scarf Auto-casting Dragon Tail missing script

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    When using the new Rebellion Scarf, it gives multiple bonuses for the expanded Rebellion Skills, but one of them caught my eye and when i tested it, no result was shown and when i checked the script. It was not stated. I had the Dragon Tail ammo and crimson marked a target and attacked the target for a minute and the skill did not auto cast.

    As seen in the First image, I have all the necessary items, ammunition, equip, target has been crimson marked, I learnt the skill as well. But after shooting awhile, there was no auto casting of the Dragon Tail despite the item description saying it has a low chance of casting.

    In the second image where i am showing the Rebellion Scarf Script, only the critical damage has been implemented but not the auto cast. Everything else is also working fine except the auto cast Dragon Tail.

    Please look into this and update the scarf thank you very much.


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    PS: My bad, i just read what fixed mean. lmao.


    Video was taken Aug 10 22:15 GMT+8. Bug was not fixed. Also, heat barrel bug still intact so not everything is working well. 😂



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    1 hour ago, Livedrive said:

    still not fixed 1f622.png dragon tail was fixed, heat barrel cd wasnt. @Akin


    EDIT: Dragon tail proc doesnt work if you have coins.

    Hmm.. As much as I want to help.. I don't have the item itself to test dear.

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