• Rebel Scarf and heat barrel

    • Item Name: Rebel Scarf
      Item ID: 28484
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      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    When equiped 2 Rebel Scarfs the Skill Heat Barrel CD becomes permanent and cant be used again, i try reseting, relogin, unequiping and nothing seems to fix this.

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    Tested on test server and it also got bugged.


    Equipping x1 Rebel Scarf completely removes CD of Heat Barrel. Thats not ok. (Max lvl Heat Barrel CD is 80 seconds)

    Scarf x2 means a total of 40 seconds CD removal not complete removal. (Asuming you have maxed Shatter Storm)

    Also wearing x2 increases CD by X amount that I have no idea, left char on test server for around 30mins and its still on CD but the CD timer moved abit.

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    The script has bCooldownRate instean of bCooldownValue. My understanding is that using bCooldownRate would affect cooldown by percentage instead of the intended fixed value which is given by bCooldownValue.

    This is excerpt of the script: bonus2 bCooldownRate,"RL_HEAT_BARREL",-4000*getskilllv("RL_S_STORM");

    It got unexpected behavior maybe because of that huge 40000% cooldown reduction (using 2 rebel scarf)

    Added note: Cooldown reduction of Shatter Storm might be bugged as well. The script is by rate as well and not by value: bonus2 bCooldownRate,"RL_S_STORM",-100*getskilllv("RL_S_STORM"); perhaps you could also run some tests on this.

    Reference: Rebel scarf

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    Yes, as @tsukiko22 suspected. It's due to the bCoolDownRate being used instead of bCoolDownValue.

    It causes heat barrel to be spammable instantly before this. This also might be the reason the cooldown of the TS got bugged now.

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    Well the items is half fixed, now it dosnt goes in permanent CD, but it dosnt reduce it either, 2 rebel scarfs still 80 sec CD when it should be 40





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    Actually, i've tested it today, and instead of decreasing the cooldown by 20 secs each, the scarfs are actually increasing by 20sec each


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    I have tested the item Rebel Scarf - 
    bonus2 bCooldownValue,"RL_HEAT_BARREL",-4000*getskilllv("RL_S_STORM");
    CD on Heat Barrel.

    1. 1 Rebel Scarf - with max skill level of Heat Barrel and Shatter Storm reduces cD by 20seconds = WORKS perfectly. 80-20 = 60 seconds CD
    2. 2 Rebel Scarf - with Max skill level of both skills = ADDs CD by 40, instead of reduce.(MY theory, it should be REDUCED by 40.)
    80+40 = 120Seconds even worse :P

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